TaqStart Antibody

  • Antibody hot-start eliminates background
  • Universal: works with any Taq DNA Polymerase
  • Simple: just add to your regular Taq enzyme
  • No preheating step: keeps DNA template and enzyme intact
TaqStartâ„¢ Antibody is an inhibiting monoclonal antibody against Taq DNA polymerases. Antibody-mediated hot start can significantly improve the efficiency and specificity of virtually any PCR amplification. Some specialty hot start enzymes require a high-temperature preincubation step that can significantly degrade template DNA. Not so with TaqStart. TaqStart Antibody blocks polymerase activity until PCR reaction tubes are heated in the thermal cycler. You get an effective hot start without special heating cycles, wax, or expensive enzymes. When thermal cycling begins, TaqStart Antibody is completely inactivated, and amplification proceeds normally.

Because TaqStart works with any native or recombinant Taq polymerase you don't need to switch to a different enzyme, buffer or cycling program to run a hot start experiment. Just add TaqStart Antibody to your regular Taq enzyme to suppress background whenever necessary.

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Cat no. Description
CL 639250 TaqStart Antibody 200 rxns
CL 639251 TaqStart Antibody 500 rxns