UPstart Taq Antibody

  • Taq antibody-based hot start PCR
  • Can be added to any Taq DNA Polymerase to block activity
  • Convenient PCR setup at room temperature
  • Taq polymerase is activated above 45°C
  • Higher PCR sensitivity and lower non-specific amplification

biotechrabbit™ UPstart Taq Antibody is an ultra-pure monoclonal antibody against Taq DNA polymerase. The antibody can be used with any Taq DNA polymerase for “hot start” PCR enhancing PCR specificity and sensitivity. PCR hot start prevents the formation of primer–dimers and nonspecific amplification and allows convenient PCR setup at room temperature.

In the first denaturation step of the thermal cycling, the UPstart Taq Antibody is irreversibly denatured and the active Taq DNA polymerase is released. This antibody-mediated hot-start method is significantly more convenient to use than other hot-start methods as it is much faster than with methods using chemically inhibited polymerases.

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Cat no. Description
BR BR1200103 UPstart Taq Antibody (1000 µg - 5000 U)