QualiPhi DNA Polymerase

  • Engineered phi29 DNA Polymerase
  • Enhanced sensitivity and efficiency
  • 5-10-fold higher isothermal amplification yield

Phi29 DNA Polymerase engineered for maximum yield

QualiPhi DNA Polymerase is a novel, highly processive chimeric form of Phi29 DNA polymerase, engineered for highest sensitivity and amplification efficiency.

Phi29 DNA polymerase has been proven to be an extremely processive DNA polymerase, with extraordinary strand displacement capacity, coupled with 3’ → 5’ proofreading exonuclease activity, which results in an exceptionally high synthesis fidelity.

These features have now been enhanced to produce QualiPhi, a DNA polymerase that produces dramatically higher amounts of amplified DNA. This makes this enhanced version of Phi29 DNA polymerase the perfect choice for isothermal DNA amplification, or for any application that requires a high fidelity DNA polymerase with strong strand displacement capacity.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
EP 510025 QualiPhi DNA Polymerase (25 Rxns)
EP 510100 QualiPhi DNA Polymerase (100 Rxns)