TruePrime Single-Cell WGA Kit

  • Single-cell whole genome amplification
  • No primer artefacts or bias
  • Excellent coverage, similar to non-amplified DNA
  • Extreme sensitivity down to femtograms DNA
  • High reproducibility gives maximum data confidence

TruePrime technology: primer-free DNA amplification

The TruePrime Single-Cell WGA kit incorporates SYGNIS’ revolutionary TruePrime™ multiple displacement amplification (MDA) technology. This combines Phi29 DNA polymerase-based whole genome amplification with TthPrimPol, a novel enzyme that can synthesize primers randomly on single-stranded target DNA.

See how TruePrime works in this video

No primer artefacts

The absence of random synthetic primers prevents any amplification artefacts that might be generated by random extension of primer dimers, etc. When 1 pg of human genomic DNA (~ 1/6th of the DNA content of one mammalian cell was amplified using either TruePrime™ or random primed MDA reactions the random primed reactions contain 20% of sequences that cannot be mapped to any organism in sequence databases. With TruePrime >99% of sequences was target derived, and even with 1 fg DNA input this figure is >95%.

TruePrime vs random primed MDA

Superior coverage of the genome, very low bias

TruePrime-amplified DNA shows xcellent overall mapping data, closest to non-amplified DNA coverage. Single Hek293 cells were amplified with different MDA-type single cell amplification methods and coverage was compared to the theoretically possible coverage (Poisson) and the coverage in non-amplified DNA from the same Hek293 population. Exactly 12 million read pairs were mapped to the human genome. Below the coverage graph for chromosome 3 depicting differences in evenness of coverage between the methods. Note the extreme similarity between non-amplified and TruePrime.

Chr. 3 coverage of TruePrime similar to non-amplified DNA

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EP 351025 TruePrime Single-Cell WGA Kit 2.0 (25 reactions)
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