TruePrime Necrotic Cell-free/Exosomal ctDNA Amplification Kit

  • Selectively amplify tumour-derived circulating DNA
  • High sensitivity: WES/WGS from <1 ng ctDNA
  • Data represent biopsy better than non-amplified cfDNA
  • More SNVs, better frequency, higher overlap

Unleash the true potential of ctDNA for cancer research

The TruePrime Necrotic Cell-free/Exosomal ctDNA Amplification Kit - formerly called Liquid Biopsy kit - enhances sensitivity of ctDNA analysis by preferentially amplifying long fragments sizes. These longer fragments are predominantly derived from tumour cells as opposed to shorter fragments which can be mainly from healthy cells and mask ctDNA in typical analysis.

Based on TruePrime primer-free amplification

The kit incorporates revolutionary TruePrime™ multiple displacement amplification (MDA) technology. This combines Phi29 DNA polymerase-based whole genome amplification with TthPrimPol, a novel enzyme that can synthesize primers randomly on single-stranded target DNA.

See how it works in this video

Detect more SNVs than with non-amplified DNA

SNV detection in 50 cancer genes by targeted sequencing of tumour biopsy vs either TruePrime amplified DNA or non-amplified DNA from a patient with sigmoid colon undifferentiated adenocarcinoma.

Outstanding sensitivity: WES/WGS from 100 pg cfDNA

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