TruePrime RCA Kit

  • Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA) without primers
  • Higher yield and sensitivity
  • No background
  • Amplifies >200 kb from just 10 fg
  • Direct amplification from colony, culture or glycerol stock

TruePrime RCA Kit: excellent sensitivity from plasmids to BACs

The TruePrime RCA Kit enables Rolling Circle Amplification based on TruePrime, a new DNA amplification technology that does not require primers.

TruePrime™ RCA shows an extreme sensitivity down to attograms of input DNA and amplifies a wide range of template sizes.

Even for a BAC of >200 kb only 10 fg of input DNA is needed to get a yields of 2 µg, without background amplification.

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Cat no. Description
EP 390100 TruePrime RCA Kit (100 reactions)