Phusion U Multiplex PCR Master Mix

  • Highest multiplex PCR: >20 targets in 1 tube
  • Widest range of DNA fragments: up to 2.5 kb
  • Shortest time: 1,5 hour
  • Works well with low amount of template (0.1-10 ng)
  • Efficient PCR also in crude samples

Can your Multiplex PCR Enzyme do this?

5-, 10-, 15-, 20- and 24-plex reaction from 20 ng of human genomic DNA using Phusion U Multiplex PCR Master Mix. Size range of amplicons was from 73bp to 2.5kb, and GC content varied in a range of 35–67%. The Master Mix enabled robust amplification of all amplicons even in highly multiplexed reactions.

Widest range of DNA fragments in the shortest time

19 fragments (73-2527 bp) from human genomic DNA were simultaneously amplified using different multiplex PCR master mixes according to manufacturers’ recommendations. Phusion U Multiplex PCR Master Mix amplified all 19 fragments and resulted in the fastest PCR protocol.

Multiplex PCR on very small samples (0.1 ng gDNA)

Sensitivity of several multiplex PCR master mixes was tested by amplifying 14 targets (70 bp - 1 kb) from decreasing amounts of human genomic DNA. Only Phusion U Multiplex PCR Master Mix delivered efficient amplification of all targets even from the smallest (0.1ng) DNA input.

Green format for even higher speed and convenience

The Green Buffer in the Phusion U Green Multiplex PCR Master Mix includes a density reagent and two tracking dyes. So you can directly load PCR products on gels, and thus simplifies PCR workflows. The Green Buffer does not affect PCR performance.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
TH F-562L Phusion U Multiplex PCR Master Mix 500 x 50 µL rxns
TH F-562S Phusion U Multiplex PCR Master Mix 100 x 50 µL rxns
TH F-564L Phusion U Green Multiplex Master Mix 500 x 50 µL rxns
TH F-564S Phusion U Green Multiplex Master Mix 100 x 50 µL rxns