DNA-OFF DNA Decontamination Solution

  • Eliminates DNA contamination
  • Non-alkaline
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-carciogenic
  • Heat-resistant
  • Ready-to-use
Takara DNA-OFF is a non-alkaline, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic cleansing solution that eliminates DNA contamination. DNA-OFF is intended to use at PCR workstations. The solutions contains a surfactant plus agent that destroys DNA, eliminating DNA amplification artifacts at PCR work areas. DNA-OFF comes ready-to-use, stable and heat-resistant solution.

DNA-OFF can be stored at room temperature and may precipitate when stored at lower temperatures. The precipitates can be brought back into solution by incubation at 37°C.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Takara website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
TB 9036 DNA-OFF, 500ml