RNA to cDNA EcoDry Premix for Reverse Transcription

  • Add RNA and go
  • Lower error risk, higher reproducibility
  • Same performance as liquid enzyme
  • Energy-saving room temperature shipping and storage
  • Prevents contamination
RNA to cDNA EcoDry™ Premix is a pre-aliquoted, dry master mix, for reverse transcription.These products replace the former Sprint RT Complete products.

The EcoDry Premix includes everything you need for successful reverse transcription, including SMART™ MMLV Reverse Transcriptase and your choice of oligo(dT)18 primers, random hexamers, or a combination of both. Just add RNA—nothing could be easier. And with less pipetting, you decrease errors, and increase reproducibility.

EcoDry Premix works as well as liquid reverse transcriptase. The SMART MMLV Reverse Transcriptase in EcoDry Premix can transcribe up to 11 kb of cDNA. No matter where your target lies on the gene, you can be sure that it will be present in your cDNA.

The lyophilized format of EcoDry Premix is very stable at room temperature for up to 1 year. This means we can ship it to you at room temperature. This saves shipping costs, and you’ll have taken another step toward making your lab more eco-friendly.

Who has time to rummage through a shared lab freezer? Store EcoDry Premix on your lab bench instead of in a refrigerator or freezer. It’s ready to use anywhere and anytime you need it.

Don’t be at the mercy of that careless lab mate who contaminates everyone’s reagents. EcoDry Premix comes as single-use 8-tube strips in 24, 48, or 96 reaction sets. Share one or a few with that lab mate, and keep yours free of contamination.

With a choice of 24, 48, or 96 tubes per kit, you have the flexibility to use one tube at a time, or 96 in a plate format using a plate holder. Additionally, choose among oligo-dT, random hexamer, or double-primed priming strategies for optimal results in your experiments.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
CL 639541 RNA to cDNA EcoDry Premix- Oligo (dT) 48rxns
CL 639542 RNA to cDNA EcoDry premix - Oligo (dT) 96rxns
CL 639543 RNA to cDNA EcoDry Premix- Oligo (dT) 24rxns
CL 639544 RNA to cDNA EcoDry premix - random hexamer 48rxns
CL 639545 RNA to cDNA EcoDry premix - Random Hexamer 96xns
CL 639546 RNA to cDNA EcoDry Premix- Random hexamer 24rxns
CL 639547 RNA to cDNA EcoDry premix-Double Primed(48rxns)
CL 639548 RNA to cDNA EcoDry premix-double primed(96rxns)
CL 639549 RNA to cDNA EcoDry Premix- double primed 24rxns