PrimeScript 1st strand cDNA Synthesis Kit

  • Easily runs through RNA with high secondary structure
  • Efficient RT at 42°C prevents RNA damage at higher temperatures
  • More efficient cDNA synthesis means higher sensitivity
  • Higher fidelity than conventional RTs
PrimeScript 1st strand cDNA Synthesis Kit contains all the reagents necessary to synthesize 1st strand cDNA from total or poly(A)+ RNA using PrimeScript RTase. PrimeScript is a RTase originated from MMLV (Moloney Murine Leukemia virus) developed by TaKaRa Bio. This RT enzyme shows excellent extendibility and is capable of cDNA synthesis up to 12 kb in length. Furthermore, it can synthesize cDNA efficiently at standard reverse transcription temperatures (42°C), even when RNA templates contain GC rich regions or difficult-to-synthesize structures. This avoids high temperature reactions which may cause RNA decomposition. 1st strand cDNAs synthesized with this kit can be used for variety of applications including 2nd stand synthesis, hybridization, PCR amplification, and real-time PCR.

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TB 6110A PrimeScript 1st strand cDNA Synthesis Kit, 50rxns