Multiple Tissue cDNA (MTC) Panels

  • Ready for quantitative PCR
  • Quickly determine the tissue distribution and relative abundance of specific transcripts
  • Accurate and sensitive expression analysis
  • Available for Human, Mouse, and Rat

MTC Multiple Tissue cDNA Panels offer fast and accurate RT-PCR analysis of gene expression across multiple tissues. The panels consist of first-strand cDNAs from 5 to 12 different tissues or cell lines.

Each tissue cDNA in an MTC panel has been normalized to several different housekeeping genes to ensure that the relative target mRNA abundance is accurately measured. In addition, the Human Panels as a whole are normalized against one another, allowing comparison of results obtained using different human panels.

Composition of multiple tissue cDNA panels

Example of gene expression profiling with MTC panels

Tissue expression patterns of two mRNAs in MTC Human Panels I & II. Panel A. A 328-bp fragment was amplified in 35 cycles from Human Panel I using Delta lactoferrin (Lf) primers. Panel B. A 983-bp fragment was amplified in 21 cycles from Human Panel II using GAPDH primers. The PCR products were then electrophoresed on 2% agarose/EtBr gels. Data is shown for 16 samples from each of the two panels. Lane 17: negative control PCR (no cDNA).

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
CL 636742 Human MTC Panel I 10 rxns
CL 636743 Human MTC Panel II 10 rxns
CL 636745 Mouse MTC Panel I 10 rxns
CL 636746 Human Digestive System MTC Panel 10 rxns
CL 636747 Human Fetal MTC Panel 10 rxns
CL 636748 Human Immune System MTC Panel 10 rxns
CL 636751 Rat MTC Panel I 10 rxns
CL 636753 Human Cell Line MTC Panel 10 rxns
CL 636757 Mouse MTC Panel III 10 rxns