BcaBEST RNA PCR Kit Version 1.1

  • Any RNA can be used as template, especially GC rich RNA or RNA with secondary structures
  • Reverse transcription can be carried out at an optimum temperature of 65 withBcaBEST DNA Polymerase
  • Single tube protocol reducing contamination and pipetting errors
BcaBEST RNA PCR Kit Ver. 1.1 is designed to perform both reverse transcription and DNA amplification in a single tube. BcaBEST DNA Polymerase has both DNA polymerase activity and reverse transcriptase activity, isolated from Bacillus caldotenax. In contrast to standard reverse transcriptases, BcaBEST Polymerase has a temperature of 65°C, making this enzyme very useful for synthesizing cDNA from highly secondary RNA templates. Bca-Optimized Taq is used for second strand synthesis and subsequent PCR, utilizing the advantage of LA Technology for improved PCR length and accuracy. With these two specially designed BcaBEST enzymes and all the reagents necessary for reverse transcription and PCR almost any RNA template can be used.

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TB RR023A BcaBEST RNA PCR Kit Ver.1.1, 100rxns