ApoPrimer Set (Bcl-2 family)

The ApoPrimer Set (Bcl-2 family) for RT-PCR is designed to detect human Bcl-2 gene family expression by RT-PCR. The set contains primers that amplify cDNA derived from the mRNA of 7 Bcl-2 family members. Also included in the set are a positive control RNA and a beta-actin control.

Kit components
Human mcl-1 Primer Mix
Human bfl-1 Primer Mix
Human bax-alpha Primer Mix
Human bcl-2 Primer Mix
Human bak Primer Mix
Human bik Primer Mix
Human bcl-x Primer Mix
Human beta-actin Primer Mix
APO Positive Control RNA1 (106 copies/┬ÁL)

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
TB 6623 ApoPrimer Set (Bcl-2 family), 20rxns