RNase Blaster Decontamination Solution

  • Protect RNA - eliminates RNases and creates RNase-free workspace and tools in minutes
  • Universal - suitable for lab bench, equipment, plastic tubes, glassware, etc.
  • Safe for downstream reactions - rinseable formulation leaves no inhibiting residue
RNase Blaster is a high efficiency, near-neutral pH cleaning solution designed to make the lab working environment RNase-free in a matter of minutes. RNase Blaster has been designed to protect the integrity of your RNA sample as well as eliminate RNase contamination in reaction vessels. RNase Blaster decontaminates laboratory surfaces, equipment, and reaction containers (plastic tubes, glassware, etc.) of all RNase activity without inhibiting subsequent enzymatic reactions. The solution is packaged in a convenient sprayer format for easy surface pretreatment.

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Cat no. Description
CL 636839 RNase Blaster Solution 475 ml