High Fidelity PrimeScript RT-PCR Kit

  • Powerful two step RT-PCR
  • Accurate and Robust reverse transcription of full-length cDNA even from complex RNA templates
  • Efficient complete elongation of high order RNA templates and high yield of full-length cDNA of up to 12 kb
  • Complete elongation of compl
High Fidelity PrimeScript RT-PCR Kit is a two step RT-PCR designed to amplify cDNA resulted from reverse transcription of RNA to cDNA, using PrimeScript RTase and PrimeSTAR HS DNA Polymerase. The PrimeScript reverse transcriptase is developed by TaKaRa Bio Inc. based on the RTase originated from MMLV, which provides complete elongation any RNA template even containing high order (high GC) structures. This enzyme works well on challenging templates at 42°C, making high temperature reverse transcription, which results in RNA degradation unnecessary.

The two step High Fidelity PrimeScript RT-PCR kit also consists of the PrimeSTAR HS DNA Polymerase, which provides high accuracy, superior specificity and excellent amplification efficiency in PCR amplification. It can be applied for important reactions that requires high fidelity, such as cDNA cloning. The combination of PrimeScript RTase and PrimeStar HS polymerase, with hot start and 3’-5’proofreading results in reliable, efficient, robust and accurate RT-PCR amplification for a large variety of RNA templates.

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TB R022A PrimeScript High Fidelity RT-PCR, 50rxns