RNA LA PCR Kit (AMV) Version 1.1

RNA LA (long and accurate) PCR Kit is designed to amplify cDNA resulted from reverse transcription recation, using AMV (Avian Myeloblastosis Virus) Reverse Transcriptase and TaKaRa LA Taq polymerase in a single tube. The RNA LA PCR kit is composed of reagents necessary for reverse transcription and subsequent cDNA amplification in a single tube, facilitating simplicity and efficiency in RNA analysis. Taking advantage of LA PCR technology, this kit enables longer and more accurate RT-PCR reactions. The supplied Oligo dT-Adaptor Primer is designed to allow more efficient cDNA synthesis from 3′-terminus of poly(A)+ RNA. This enables amplification of unknown 3′-terminus utilizing 3′-RACE System. The RBA LA PCR kit makes it possible to synthesize RNA sample volume of max. 9.5 µl in 20 µl-scale reverse transcription, which enables the use of low expression level RNA.

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TB RR012A RNA LA PCR Kit(AMV) VER.1.1, 100rxns