RNA PCR Kit (AMV) Ver.3.0

  • Two-step RT-PCR
  • Amplification of cDNA up to 5kb
  • Single tube reverse transcription
  • broad range of reaction temperatures
Takara's Two-Step RNA PCR Kit (AMV) Version 3.0 uses AMV RTase XL, which possesses high thermostability and a broad range of reaction temperatures (42–60°C). These features help eliminate potential RNA secondary structures which can impede downstream cDNA amplification.

This kit is supplied with Takara Ex Taq HS, a high fidelity, hot-start DNA polymerase which prevents non-specific room temperature DNA amplification as a result of mispriming and primer dimerization. Other components of the RNA PCR Kit (AMV) Version 3.0 kit are Oligo-dT Adaptor Primer, designed for high efficient cDNA synthesis and components for 3’RACE.

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Cat no. Description
TB RR019A RNA PCR Kit(AMV) Ver.3.0, 100rxns