innuMIX Standard PCR MasterMix

  • Ideal for use in routine PCR
  • Simplified and faster PCR setup
  • No Mg optimization needed
  • High yield of PCR products
  • Dry-down version offers longer shelf life
  • Direct gel loading after PCR with Green version

The innuMIX Standard PCR MasterMix contains both an optimized buffer system, ultrapure dNTPs and an optimal amount of MgCl2. The ready-to-use mix also contains a Taq DNA polymerase that is ideally suited for routine PCR. As a result of the extremely simple and fast setup of the PCR reactions you can achieve a higher sample throughput with the innuMIX standard PCR MasterMix in a conventional thermocycler without comnpromises to the quality and yield of PCR products.

Dry version: higher storage stability with

The innuDRY Standard PCR MasterMix is a lyophilized version that can be shipped at room temperature, which eliminates environmentally unfriendly dry ice and styrofoam boxes. In addition, the dry format extends the shelf life of the master mix. After redissolving the Master Mix is immediately ready-to-use.

Go Green: direct gel loading

The innuMIX Green PCR MasterMix was developed to make routine PCR as time-efficient and simple as possible. Thanks to the two dyes (yellow and blue) contained in the innuMIX Green PCR MasterMix, the amplification products can be loaded directly on an agarose gel.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 845-AS-1400100 innuMIX Green PCR MasterMix - 100 reactions
AJ 845-AS-1400200 innuMIX Green PCR MasterMix - 200 reactions
AJ 845-AS-1700100 innuMIX Standard PCR MasterMix - 100 reactions
AJ 845-AS-1700200 innuMIX Standard PCR MasterMix - 200 reactions
AJ 845-AS-2100100 innuDRY Standard PCR MasterMix - 100 reactions
AJ 845-AS-2100200 innuDRY Standard PCR MasterMix - 200 reactions