Taq Full DNA Polymerase

  • High yield and sensitivity — use as little as 1 ng of a single copy template
  • Tolerates wide range of Mg concentrations
  • Economical — use as little as 0.2 u per reaction
Taq Full DNA polymerase can generate the highest yields from any DNA template—including rare ones—from bacterial and plasmid DNA, cDNA, and complex genomic DNA. Its high efficiency and sensitivity allow you to use less enzyme and template in each reaction — letting you get the most mileage from each PCR reaction.

In addition, Taq Full DNA polymerase allows you to perform PCR without tedious buffer optimization. In any given reaction, the Taq Full enzyme tolerates a wide range of Mg2+ concentrations.

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Cat no. Description
CL 639233 Taq Full DNA Polymerase Enzyme Mix 500 units