Biometra TAdvanced Thermocyclers

  • Unbeatable heating rate of 6-8°C/sec.
  • Highest block uniformity for maximum reproducibility
  • Accurate: no temperature overshoot
  • Easy-to-program on 7-inch touchscreen
  • Define perfect gradients with Linear Gradient Tool
  • Quick Block Exchange

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The fastest Thermocyclers: heating rate 6-8°C/sec

The TAdvanced Thermocycler with silver block is the fastest PCR machine you can get, reaching a heating rate of 8°C/sec. This amazing speed is the result of new electronics in combination with the high conductivity of silver. If you choose a TAdvanced with aluminum block it can heat up to 6°C/sec, which is still one of the fastest blocks around.

Highest accuracy and reproducibility

Because silver conducts heat so well, temperature changes spread across the block almost immediately. So you can be sure that the PCR conditions for each well are the same and your results are reliable and reproducible.

The TAdvanced controls the sample block temperature without under- or overshooting the programmed target temperature. So the PCR machine does exactly what you programmed.

Easy touchscreen programming

The TAdvanced Thermocycler has preinstalled program templates for a variety of PCR applications. Simply edit them or create your own program on the large 7-inch touchscreen.

You can enter the parameters for all steps on a single screen, so there is no need to switch back and forth between different screens. In addition, the user-specific quick-start function means users can launch their favourite PCR programs in seconds.

Quick Block Exchange (QBE)

With QBE technology you can exchange block modules in a few seconds. ƒ No screwdriver or other tools are necessary for exchange ƒ The new block is automatically recognized and installed by the software. Choose from a range of block modules in 60-, 96- and 384-well formats including gradient-enabled blocks.

Linear gradient tool for PCR optimization

With the unique Linear Gradient Tool you can program an almost linear temperature gradient with exactly defined temperature intervals between the individual rows of the block. For maximum convenience, the Linear Gradient Tool supports programming of even-numbered temperature values for a maximum number of rows.

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Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 846-2-070-200 Biometra TAdvanced Thermocycler 60 Gradient
AJ 846-2-070-201 Biometra TAdvanced Thermocycler 96 Gradient
AJ 846-2-070-202 Biometra TAdvanced Thermocycler Twin 48 G Gradient
AJ 846-2-070-210 Biometra TAdvanced Thermocycler 60
AJ 846-2-070-211 Biometra TAdvanced Thermocycler 96
AJ 846-2-070-212 Biometra TAdvanced Thermocycler Twin 48
AJ 846-2-070-213 Biometra TAdvanced Thermocycler Twin 30
AJ 846-2-070-214 Biometra TAdvanced Thermocycler 384 Gradient
AJ 846-2-070-215 Biometra TAdvanced Thermocycler Twin Combi
AJ 846-2-070-224 Biometra TAdvanced Thermocycler 384
AJ 846-2-070-241 Biometra TAdvanced Thermocycler 96 S Gradient Silver Block
AJ 846-2-070-251 Biometra TAdvanced Thermocycler 96 S Silver Block
AJ 846-2-070-280 Biometra TAdvanced Thermocycler Base Unit