Biometra TRIO Thermocycler

  • Three independent blocks for higher flexibility
  • Fast ramping and superb block temperature accuracy
  • Easy annealing temperature optimization
  • Convenient touchscreen programming
  • Whisper quiet

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Three independent blocks in one machine

The Biometra TRIO Thermocycler provides three independent blocks and heated lids in one housing, allowing three different protocols to be run in parallel. Therefore the Biometra Trio cycler offers both high throughput (up to 144 reactions) and the flexibility for multiple users to run different protocols at the same time.

High-speed aluminum blocks

Fast ramping: Thanks to the powerful electronics, the Biometra TRIO blocks can reach very fast ramping rates of up to 5°C/s.

Excellent accuracy: The Biometra TRIO blocks are designed to have a very low mass to quickly adapt to temperature changes. The rubber seal of the heated lids creates an enclosed space contributing to the excellent block temperature uniformity.

No temperature overshoot: The Biometra Trio controls the sample block temperature without under- or overshooting the programmed target temperature. This maximizes the reproducibility of experiments.

Large touchscreen - easy programming

The Biometra TRIO features a 7" bright, full-color, glove-compatible touchscreen and intuitive software that makes it easy to program and operate the system. The software has pre-installed templates, protocol wizard, user-specific quick start of PCR programs and Advanced User Management with indvidual rights settings for up to 30 users.

Simple annealing temperature optimization

With the Biometra TRIO Temperature Optimization Step (TOS) function new primer pairs with unknown optimal annealing temperatures can be tested and optimized in very short time. The TOS function uses all three sample blocks and provides three different temperatures for a chosen program step.

Whisper quiet

The airflow of the Biometra Trio thermocycler has been optimized to keep the noise level below 45 dB, comparable to the sound of your refrigerator.

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Cat no. Description
AJ 846-2-070-720 Biometra TRIO 30 Thermocycler
AJ 846-2-070-723 Biometra TRIO 48 Thermocycler
AJ 846-2-070-724 Biometra TRIO Combi Thermocycler