FlexCycler² PCR Machine

  • FlexCycler²: New housing, new features
  • Full flexibility with 6 different blocks
  • User-specific quick start of programs
  • 2x48 well block with gradient available

Flexibility is the key benefit of the FlexCycler² PCR machine. 6 different blocks are available that you can change in a matter of seconds. The FlexCycler² automatically detects the installed thermal block. The twin blocks can run 2 different programs at once.

You can adjust the contact pressure and heating of the thermocycler block lids. The blocks themselves are made of an aluminum alloy optimized for fast heat transfer, allowing state-of-the-art ramping rates and temperature accuracy. The large LCD display and user-friendly interface make programming easy and fast.

The FlexCycler has had an extreme makeover and the FlexCycler² not only looks better, but is also friendlier to program. Newly available is the 2x48 block with gradient function.

If you would like to try a FlexCycler², you can simply use the button 'Contact us about this product'.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 844-00060-2 FlexCycler² 96
AJ 844-00061-2 FlexCycler² 96G (Gradient)
AJ 844-00062-2 FlexCycler² twin 48
AJ 844-00063-2 FlexCycler² twin 48G (Gradient)
AJ 844-00064-2 FlexCycler² twin 30
AJ 844-00065-2 FlexCycler² twin combi
AJ 844-00069-2 FlexCycler² Base unit
AJ 844-60022-0 Monoblock 96G; 96 x 0.2 ml or PCR microplates; gradient function (for FlexCycler)
AJ 844-60025-0 Twinblock 48; two independent blocks (for FlexCycler)
AJ 844-60060-0 FlexCycler² block 96
AJ 844-60061-0 FlexCycler² block 96G
AJ 844-60062-0 FlexCycler² block twin 48
AJ 844-60063-0 FlexCycler² block twin 48G
AJ 844-60064-0 FlexCycler² block twin 30
AJ 844-60065-0 FlexCycler² block twin combi