TProfessional Basic Thermocyclers

  • Excellent uniformity and well-to-well reproducibility
  • Easy programming on large graphical screen
  • Capacity for 350 programs
  • Silent, durable, low energy consumption
  • Network capability

The TProfessional Basic Thermocycler features a gold anodized 96 well block or an anodized 96 well XL block for extra large volumes up to 100µl. The gold anodized 96 well block is designed for standard applications whereas the XL block is especially developed for special protocols where large volumes are required like emulsion PCR for new generation sequencing. Both block types offer an excellent temperature uniformity and if desired the gradient function for quick optimization of new protocols.

Easy spreadsheet and graphical programming
The TProfessional Basic User Interface incorporates Biometra's proven spreadsheet programming philosophy. Avoiding endless serial program windows, all steps of a program are entered in a single screen. This makes the creation of new or editing existing programs fast and easy. The TProfessional Basic manages up to 30 individual users (optionally password protected) and features larger memory for increased program capacity.

Easy setup of temperature gradients
Gradient steps are either defined in a graphical screen, showing the individual temperature for each row or in a linear gradient screen were temperature gradient with linear increments can be defined. Alternatively, the temperature gradient can be entered directly in the programming spread sheet.

Quick start of often used programs
The TProfessional Basic saves the five most recently used programs for quick start. This way, often used programs can be started without searching the user directory. This feature is available for each user individually.

Network capability
TProfessional Thermocycler can be addressed by the TProfessional Manager Software. With versatile functions the TProfessional Manager Software offers comfortable administration of TProfessional Thermocyclers in a network.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 846-070-601 TProfessional Basic Gradient 96 Thermocycler
AJ 846-070-602 TProfessional Basic Gradient XL 96 Thermocycler
AJ 846-070-701 TProfessional Basic 96 Thermocycler
AJ 846-070-702 TProfessional Basic XL 96 Thermocycler