TRobot Automated Thermocycler

  • Reliable automated PCR system
  • Unique motorized plate lifter prevents system halts
  • Motorized heated lid with adjustable pressure and 110ยบ opening angle
  • Small footprint for easy robotic integration
  • Available in 96 and 384 well format

Unique motorized plate lifter

Removing plates from the block has been one of the major obstacles to thermocycler automation. Due to the tight fit, PCR plates tend to stick to the block. This makes it difficult for the plates to be removed by a robotic arm. To solve this problem the Trobot is equipped with four levers that automatically lift the plate from the block as the lid opens. Once lifted the plate can be easily removed by a robotic arm. The levers then return to their initial position, allowing a new plate to be placed in the block.

Motorized heated lid with adjustable temparature & pressure

The TRobot heated lid is powered by a two step electric motor. First, the lid closes quickly, then the second mechanism carefully interlocks the lid at the front. This ensures that a defined, reproducible pressure is applied. When the lid is closed the electric motor is uncoupled for a long life. The amount of pressure exerted by the lid can be precisely set to one of 15 different positions. In addition, lid temperature is adjustable from 30 to 99°C The opening angle of the lid is 110 degrees, which enables optimal access for robotic arms

Small footprint: 168 x 226mm

Since space under the robotic arm is limited, an automated thermocycler needs a small footprint. To produce a compact instrument, the TRobot block module has been separated from the controller unit. Thus the controller can be placed outside the workstation. By switching the thermocycler chassis, the airflow direction can be inverted (front to back or vice versa). This minimizes contamination due to air flowing towards a liquid handler or other components.

Reliable uniform PCR in two block formats

Taking advantage of the high thermal conductance of silver the Trobot 96 achieves high heating and cooling rates as well as excellent temperature uniformity. The silver block is coated with gold to ensure lasting performance. The TRobot 384 block is made of aluminum and is coated with a special alloy, which supports easy removal of plates by the motorized lifter.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
AJ 846-050-991 Trobot 96
AJ 846-050-992 Trobot 384