PrimeScript RT Reagent Kit with gDNA Eraser

  • Eliminate DNA from your RNA prep in just 2 minutes
  • Fast: total reaction time 20 minutes
  • Higher yield of full-size cDNA (up to 12 kb)
PrimeScript RT reagent Kit with gDNA Eraser is a reverse-transcription kit for real-time RT-PCR (qRT-PCR) that includes a genomic DNA elimination pretreatment of your RNA sample. Genomic DNA is eliminated in a simple, 2 minute reaction at 42 degrees with gDNA Eraser, which has
potent DNA degrading activity. Then a reverse-transcription reaction reagent is added that
includes a component that completely inhibits DNA degradation activity, and the reverse transcription
reaction proceeds for another 15 minutes at 42°C. The reaction is complete in less than 20 minutes without loss of RNA.

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Cat no. Description
TB RR047A PrimeScript RT Reagent Kit with gDNA Eraser (Perfect Real Time), 100rxns