AmpliStar One-Step qRT-PCR Kit

  • Excellent consistency lot-to-lot, vial-to-vial, well-to-well
  • Tolerant to reaction temperature variability
  • 7-log dynamic range
  • Multiplex up to 5 targets
  • Ideal for high-throughput assays

Get reliable qRT-PCR data, time after time

Go for maximum data reliability of your One-step qRT-PCR assays: choose the AmpliStar One-Step qRT‐PCR Kit. AmpliStar delivers a robust performance that is highly consistent between manufacturing batches, vials and replicates.

User data: reproducible viral RNA detection

The excellent consistency of the AmpliStar One-Step qRT-PCR Kit was demonstrated by a user in a viral RNA assay. Eight replicates of a virus-containing sample were assayed using two different production lots (A and B), and two different vials of lot B. An internal control was detected in a second channel. All data points were in very close agreement, both for the virus target and the internal control.

Robust: very little influence of temperature variations

In the same virus qRT-PCR assay, the AmpliStar One-Step qRT-PCR Kit (in green) showed a substantially higher tolerance towards variability in annealing temperature  (Ta) than a similar kit from a leading competitor (in blue). This indicates that measurements are much less sensitive to cycler edge effects or other temperature deviations, which further contributes to the consistency and reliability of the results.

High sensitivity and 7-log dynamic range

The kit combines a robust reverse transcriptase that is RNase H deficient and a fast-activating hot-start DNA polymerase. This translates into high sensitivity and a dynamic range of 7 logs and gives you accurate results across a wide range of target levels.

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Cat no. Description
WB 14150 AmpliStar One-Step qRT-PCR Kit (500 reactions)