qTOWER (original) Real-Time PCR System

  • Speed: Heating rate up to 12°C/sec and cooling up to 8°C/sec
  • Combination of rapidPCR and real-time PCR in a single instrument
  • Up to 10X than other systems
  • Reaction volumes as low as 5 µl possible
  • Read-out of 96 wells in 4 seconds, independent of number of
The original qTOWER sets new standards for speed. It utilizes smaller PCR plates, which are optimized for high cycling speeds.

If a standard 96 well SBS-format plate is imortant to you, please consider the qTOWER 2.0 (see additional information below).

Based on the established rapidPCR thermocyclers, the qTOWER is up to 10 times faster than commonly available systems, achieving heating rates of 12 °C/sec and cooling rates of 8 °C/sec.

Complete quantitative PCR runs can be performed in 25 minutes. The significant reduction of reaction volumes (down to 5 µl) is yet another highlight, as it offers a cost reduction of up to 75 % in real-time PCR reagents.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 844-00301-2 qTOWER Real Time PCR System
AJ 844-00320-0 Color module 1 - FAM, SybrGreen, Alexa 488 (For qTower)
AJ 844-00321-0 Color module 2 - JOE, HEX, VIC, Yakima Yellow (forqTower)
AJ 844-00322-0 Color module 3 - TAMRA, DFO, Alexa 546, NED (for qTower)
AJ 844-00323-0 Color module 4 - ROX, TexasRed, Cy3,5 (for qTower)
AJ 844-00324-0 Color module 5 - Cy5, Alexa633, Quasar670 (for qTower)
AJ 844-00325-0 FRET module 1 - Fam (donor)/Tamra (acceptor) For qTower
AJ 844-00326-0 FRET module 2 - Fam (donor)/Cy5 (acceptor) For qTower
AJ 844-00327-0 FRET module 3 - Fam (donor)/Cy5.5 (acceptor) For qTower
AJ 844-00328-0 FRET module 4 - Joe (donor)/Cy5 (acceptor) For qTower
AJ 844-00329-0 FRET module 5
AJ 844-00330-0 Color modul Protein 1