TOptical Filter Modules

Filter  Wavelengths  Dyes
Filter Module 1  470nm/520nm  FAM™, SYBR® Green, Alexa488®
Filter Module 2  470nm/545nm  JOE™, VIC®, HEX™, Yakima Yellow®
Filter Module 3  535nm/580nm  TAMRA™, DFO™, Alexa 546®, NED™
Filter Module 4  565nm/605nm  ROX™, TexasRed®, Cy3.5®
Filter Module 5  630nm/670nm  Cy5®, Alexa 633®, Quasar 670™
Filter Module 6  660nm/705nm  LightCycler Red 705®, Alexa 680®
FRET Module 1  470nm/580nm  FAM™/TAMRA™
FRET Module 2  470nm/670nm  FAM™/Cy5®
FRET Module 3  470nm/705nm  FAM™/Cy5.5®
FRET Module 4  515nm/670nm  JOE™/Cy5®


Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 846-070-520 TOptical Filter Module 1
AJ 846-070-521 TOptical Filter Module 2
AJ 846-070-522 TOptical Filter Module 3
AJ 846-070-523 TOptical Filter Module 4
AJ 846-070-524 TOptical Filter Module 5
AJ 846-070-525 TOptical Filter Module 6
AJ 846-070-526 TOptical FRET Filter Module 1
AJ 846-070-527 TOptical FRET Filter Module 2
AJ 846-070-528 TOptical FRET Filter Module 3
AJ 846-070-529 TOptical FRET Filter Module 4
AJ 846-070-530 TOptical FRET Filter Module 5 (FAM/ROX)
AJ 846-070-531 TOptical Filter Module SYPRO Orange (for proteins)