TOptical QPCR Machine

  • Max flexibility: choose up to 6 color filter modules for common dyes
  • Up to 6-fold QPCR multiplexing
  • Superb heating/cooling rates and block temperature uniformity
  • Excitation by long living LEDs

Flexible configuration with optical filter modules

The patented optical system of the TOptical Thermocycler provides a filter wheel that can accomodate 1-6 color filter modules. The  filter wheel can be freely equipped with color filter modules of choice. Furthermore, the system can also subsequently be upgraded with color filter modules and so the range of applications extended.

In total 10 different color filter modules are available, covering the whole range of commonly used QPCR dyes, including FAM, SYBR Green, Alexa488, JOE, VIC, HEX, Yakima Yellow, TAMRA, DFO, Alexa 546, NED, ROX, Texas Red, Cy3.5, Cy5, Alexa 633, Quasar 670, LightCycler Red 705, Alexa 680, Cy5.5 and SYPRO Orange., Filter modules optimized for FRET applications are also available.

High-end optics

The TOptical Thermocycler features a patented optical system with 10 years guarantee. It consists of:

  • three LEDs for fluorescence excitation
  • high-performance optical fibers for light transmission
  • a rotating filter wheel with colour filter modules arranged in a multiplexer
  • a shuttle unit with lens array that scans the block
  • a Channel Photo Multiplier (CPM) for fluorescence detection.

The combination of all these components ensures precise excitation and detection of fluorescent signals at highest sensitivity. Because optical fibers transmit the light the illumination of each individual well is the same. This means that you don't have to normalize signals with a passive reference dye.

The TOPtical uses three LEDs for optimal excitation of fluorescent dyes over a wide spectral range. Unlike with so-called „wide blue“ LEDs especially the short-wavelength blue spectral range and the long-wavelength red range are optimally covered. In combination with the high-performance optical fibers and the highly-sensitive Channel Photo Multiplier intensity losses in the quantum efficiency are avoided to ensure maximum sensitivity. The longevity of the LEDs makes a regular exchange of the light source superfluous and thus helps avoid recurring costs.

Biometra cycler technology: maximum speed & reproducibility

The block uniformity and speed are critical factors for successful and reliable Real-Time PCR results. To achieve ultimate performance the TOptical Thermocycler features silver block technology. Due to the excellent heat conductivity the block equilibrates extremely fast to temperature changes and provides maximum speed and temperature uniformity over the complete temperature range. This also serves for the broad dynamic range of 9 logs. With average ramping rates of up to 5.0°C/sec (max. 6.0°C/ sec) the TOptical runs are shorter and the specificity higher. Moreover, the block uniformity reduces the risk of PCR artefacts by mispriming.


Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 846-070-500 TOptical Gradient 96 (without filter module)
AJ 846-070-501 TOptical 96 (without filter module)
AJ 846-070-510 TOptical Gradient 96 Module, without filter module
AJ 846-070-511 TOptical 96 Module (without filter module)