Premix Ex Taq (Probe qPCR)

  • Tli RNaseH minimizes PCR inhibition by residual mRNA
  • Rapid and accurate detection and quantitative gene expression analysis
  • 2X premix for easy pipetting
  • High QPCR efficiency and sensitive detection
Premix Ex Taq (Probe qPCR) is designed for real-time PCR (qPCR) detection with TaqMan® probes.

The premix contains TaKaRa Ex Taq HS, a antibody-based hot start PCR enzyme and a buffer optimized for real-time PCR. It offers high QPCR efficiency, excellent suppression of non-specific amplification, and high detection sensitivity in real-time PCR.

Tli RNaseH, a heat-resistant RNaseH, has been added to the premix to minimize PCR inhibition by residual mRNA in reactions with cDNA as a template. Premix Ex Taq allows accurate target quantification and detection over a broad dynamic range and makes it possible to conduct highly reproducible and reliable real-time PCR analyses.

The premix format facilitates reaction setup and reduces the risk of pipetting errors.

Ordering information

Please note that as from July 1st, 2017 these products are no longer available from Westburg. They will soon be removed from the website.
Cat no. Description
TB RR390A Premix Ex Taq (Probe qPCR) 5 x 1ml, 200 rxns
TB RR390L Premix Ex Taq (Probe qPCR), 1 x 5ml, 200 rxns
TB RR390W Premix Ex Taq (Probe qPCR), 5 x 5ml, 1000 rxns
TB RR39LR Premix Ex Taq (Probe qPCR), ROX plus, 1 x 5ml, 200 rxns
TB RR39WR Premix Ex Taq (Probe qPCR),ROX plus, 5 x 5ml, 1000rxns