SYBR Premix Ex Taq (Tli RNase H Plus)

  • Higher sensitivity through Tli RNase H
  • Works well with GC-rich templates
  • Ex Taq HS: higher specificity, faster runs, longer amplicons
  • Convenient 2X Premix with separate ROX
  • Best value for money

Higher qRT-PCR sensitivity with integrated thermostable Tli RNase H

mRNA can be a powerful inhibitor of qPCR as it binds tightly to the complementary cDNA strand, especially for GC-rich sequences. SYBR Ex Taq Premixes have an integrated thermostable Tli RNase H, which efficiently eliminates the mRNA during the first qPCR cycles. The result is a higher sensitivity, even down to 100 copies, and a wider dynamic range.

Tli RNase H can make a huge difference when you are studying genes with low expression or when your amplicons are GC-rich. This example show qRT-PCR of a target of 65% GC with and without Tli RNase H in the qPCR reaction.

Ex Taq HS: lower background and longer amplicons

On a long target (533 bp fragment of the ACTB gene) SYBR Ex Taq Tli RNase H Plus ( RR420) showed superior performance and excellent Cq values compared to another commonly used SYBR master Mix.

On another fragment of the ACTB gene SYBR Ex Taq II Premix ( RR820) maintained signal below baseline in the no-template-control reactions, where the other product showed background.


Two versions cover all your assays

You can choose from two versions of the premix, depending on your assay demands:

Choose SYBR Premix Ex Taq (RR420) for widest amplicon size range (up to 570 bp) and fastest reactions

Choose SYBR Premix Ex Taq II (RR820) for highest specificity or GC-rich targets

Both products come as 2X premix for high convenience and reproducibility. They are supplied with both high and low concentration ROX reference dye in separate tubes for use in any real-time thermocycler. In addition, the high-efficiency Ex Taq enzyme and optimized buffer allow short reaction times on fast qPCR instruments.

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Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
TB RR420A SYBR Premix Ex Taq (Tli RNaseH Plus) 5 x 1ml, 200rxns
TB RR420L SYBR Premix Ex Taq (Tli RNaseH Plus), 1 x 5ml, 200rxns
TB RR420W SYBR Premix Ex Taq (Tli RNaseH Plus) 5 x 5ml, 1000rxns
TB RR42LR SYBR Premix Ex Taq (Tli RNaseH Plus), ROX plus, 1x 5ml, 200 rxns
TB RR42WR SYBR Premix Ex Taq (Tli RNaseH Plus), ROX plus, 5x 5ml, 1000 rxns
TB RR820A SYBR Premix Ex Taq II (Tli RNaseH Plus) 5 x 1ml,200rxns
TB RR820L SYBR Premix Ex Taq II (Tli RNaseH Plus), 1 x 5ml, 200rxns
TB RR820W SYBR Premix Ex Taq II (Tli RNaseH Plus), 5x5ml, 1000 rxns
TB RR82LR SYBR Premix Ex Taq II (Tli RNaseH Plus), ROX plus,1 x 5ml, 200rxns
TB RR82WR SYBR Premix Ex Taq II (Tli RNaseH Plus), ROX plus, 5x5ml, 1000 rxns