Near Infrared ELISA Substrates

LI-COR's proprietary peroxidase and phosphatase ELISA substrates are optimized for use in the near infrared (NIR) fluorescent region (680 nm) on Odyssey® and Odyssey Sa Infrared Imaging Systems.

NIR fluorescence-based detection also helps overcome the limitation of colorimetric substrate detection, which does not allow for quantification of greater than four optical density units. NIR-based detection allows for a wider linear range.

LI-COR ELISA HRP Substrate (680) and ELISA AP Substrate (680) provide excellent signal-to-noise, consistency, and linearity, making them ideal for use in most ELISA applications. These substrates offer equal or better sensitivity as compared to commercially-available chromogenic and chemiluminescent substrates and are ideal for endpoint assays.

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Cat no. Description
LI 926-34300 ELISA HRP Substrate (680nm)
LI 926-34301 ELISA AP Substrate (680nm)