Strep-tag & Double-tag Expression Vectors

  • Exceptional purity (>98%) in one step
  • Mild conditions fully preserve biological protein activity
  • No need to remove inert Strep-tag (8 amino acids)
The Strep-tag system from IBA is based on the highly selective interaction between the Strep-tag II peptide and an engineered streptavidin called Strep-Tactin. Binding, washing and elution are all performed under physiological conditions, which fully preserves biological activity of the protein and prevents aggregation. The exceptionally high selectivity of both the binding and the elution step allow you to obtain recombinant protein with >98% purity in a single purification step. In addition to purification, the Strep-tag system is ideal for assays involving protein-protein interactions.

Due to its balanced amino acid composition, the Strep-tag generally does not interfere with folding or bioactivity, has no ion exchange properties and does not induce protein aggregation. Thus, for most applications there is no need for removing the Strep-tag.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the IBA website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
IB 2-1300-000 3 IBA vectors of choice 5 µg each
IB 2-1301-000 pASK-IBA2 5µg
IB 2-1303-000 pASK-IBA4 5µg
IB 2-1305-000 pASK-IBA6 5µg
IB 2-1311-000 pASK-IBA12 5µg
IB 2-1313-000 pASK-IBA14 5µg
IB 2-1315-000 pASK-IBA16; 5µg
IB 2-1321-000 pASK-IBA2C 5µg
IB 2-1322-000 pASK-IBA3C 5µg
IB 2-1323-000 pASK-IBA4C 5µg
IB 2-1324-000 pASK-IBA5C 5µg
IB 2-1325-000 pASK-IBA6C 5µg
IB 2-1326-000 pASK-IBA7C 5µg
IB 2-1332-000 pASK-IBA32 5µg
IB 2-1344-000 pASK-IBA44 5µg
IB 2-1390-000 pPR-IBA1 5µg
IB 2-1391-000 pPR-IBA2 5µg
IB 2-1402-000 pASK-IBA3plus 5µg
IB 2-1404-000 pASK-IBA5plus 5µg
IB 2-1406-000 pASK-IBA7plus 5µg
IB 2-1412-000 pASK-IBA13plus 5µg
IB 2-1414-000 pASK-IBA15plus 5µg
IB 2-1416-000 pASK-IBA17plus; 5µg
IB 2-1433-000 pASK-IBA33plus 5µg
IB 2-1435-000 pASK-IBA35plus 5µg
IB 2-1437-000 pASK-IBA37plus 5µg
IB 2-1443-000 pASK-IBA43plus 5µg
IB 2-1445-000 pASK-IBA45plus 5µg
IB 2-1463-100 pASK-IBA63a-plus; 5µg
IB 2-1463-200 pASK-IBA63b-plus; 5µg
IB 2-1463-300 pASK-IBA63c-plus; 5µg
IB 2-1465-200 pASK-IBA65b-plus; 5µg
IB 2-3801-000 pKS1-ST; 5µg
IB 2-3802-000 pKS2-ST; 5µg