CellVue Dye Kits

  • For incorporation of fluorescent dyes into lipid membranes
  • Biocompatible: contains no physiologic salts or buffers, detergents, or organic solvents
  • Easy to use dye kit format
  • Maintains cell viability while maximizing dye solubility and staining efficiency
  • Dyes applicable to almost any type of cell or organism

CellVue® fluorescent imaging kits use proprietary labeling technology to stably incorporate fluorescent dyes containing long aliphatic hydrocarbon tails into lipid membranes.

The excitation and emission properties of CellVue® Burgundy and CellVue® NIR815 dyes are compatible with a range of commercially available near-infrared fluorescent plate readers, flow cytometers, in vitro and in vivo fluorescent imaging systems, and confocal microscopes.

CellVue Dye Kits: how the labeling works

The molecular structure of CellVue® dyes consist of long aliphatic hydrocarbon tails linked to a polar fluorescent chromophore. These extremely lipophilic fluorescent dyes rapidly and stably integrate into the phospholipid membrane of cells or other membrane-containing bioparticles by non-covalent interactions. The dyes are stably maintained within the lipid bilayer through strong hydrophobic interactions and do not transfer into the unstained membranes of adjacent cells. This characteristic permits:

  • a labeled cell to be tracked for extended periods of time.
  • allows for immediate analysis of cell functions without any waiting period.

The pattern of fluorescence staining within the membrane may vary depending on the cell type.

All of the dyes are designed to be biocompatible at optimized concentrations.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
LI 929-90001 CellVue Diluent C
LI 929-90010 CellVue Burgundy
LI 929-90020 CellVue NIR815
LI 929-90030 PSVue 794 Reagent Kit