RTS Amino Acid Sampler

  • Set of 20 individual amino acids
  • Allows amino-acid specific protein labeling
  • Ideal for NMR and X-ray analyses
  • Combine with RTS 100, RTS 500 & RTS 9000 E. coli kits

Prepare customized amino acid mixtures for protein labeling

The RTS Amino Acid Sampler provides the basis for the expression of labeled proteins using RTS 100, 500, or 9000, E. coli HY expression kits. By providing each amino acid as a separate stock solution, the sampler allows the preparation of customized amino acid mixtures in which single amino acids can be exchanged with labeled ones. Using the prepared mixture in RTS E. coli HY expression reactions, proteins can be specifically labeled for structural studies.

The RTS Amino Acid Sampler contains all 20 L-amino acids as single stock solutions (20 × 1.5 ml), and 5 vials of DTT (0.8 ml).

One RTS Amino Acid Sampler contains sufficient amino acids to prepare a customized amino acid mixture for:

  • >2,000 RTS 100 E. coli HY reactions
  • 40 RTS 500 E. coli HY reactions
  • 10 RTS 500 ProteoMaster E. coli HY reactions
  • 1 RTS 9000 E. coli HY reaction


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Cat no. Description
BR BR1401801 RTS Amino Acid Sampler (5 reactions of 1 ml)