RTS E. coli Disulfide Kits

  • Expression of active proteins containing multiple disulfide bonds
  • Optimized reaction conditions for the expression of functional disulfide-bonded proteins
  • No need for refolding aggregated proteins
  • CECF technology for protein yields up to 80µg (RTS 100) or 2.5mg (RTS 500)

The RTS E. coli disulfide system is the only in vitro protein expression system that can express properly folded disulfide-bonded proteins that cannot be produced under reducing conditions. The RTS E. coli Disulfide Kit is designed for cell-free high-throughput expression of disulfide-bonded proteins from plasmid templates.

  • Rapid parallel synthesis of disulfide-bonded proteins
  • Rapid functional testing of different constructs (e.g., for epitope or functional domain mapping)
  • Expression of toxic gene products
  • Production of proteins in a wide molecular weight range
  • Optimization of expression conditions (chaperones, detergents, temperature, reaction time, etc.).

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
BR BR1400401 RTS 100 E. coli Disulfide Kit (24 reactions of 50 µl)
BR BR1400501 RTS 500 E. coli Disulfide Kit (5 reactions of 1 ml)