Stabil-PAC Protein Solubility Enhancer (NVoy)

  • Unique NVoy polymers increase protein solubility and stability
  • Reduce losses during concentration
  • Improve yields and reducing aggregation when cleaving off fusion tags
  • Protein crystallization additive
  • Improving purity and yields through purification s
Stabil-P.A.C contains a specific formulation of proprietary NVoy polymers that suppresses aggregation and keeps proteins soluble without affecting protein structure and enabling analysis via CD, mass spectrometry and NMR.

NVoy™ is a large, uncharged polymer based on a polysaccharide backbone with selected hydrophobic side chains substituted onto the backbone at specific residues to create an amphipathic molecule.

NVoy™ is used in place of detergents, fusion proteins, arginine, chaperones and other common additives used to improve protein solubility and handling in solution. Especially useful when using these other additives may cause downstream problems.

NVoy associates with hydrophobic surfaces masking them and exposing a hydrophilic face to the solvent. The flexibility of the linear carbohydrate backbone allows the maximum contact between the hydrophobic side chains of NVoy and the protein surface, with association at multiple points of contact. NVoy side chains have been specially selected and oriented for dynamic association allowing it to be easily and completely removed.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
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Cat no. Description
EP NPP NVoy Polymer Pack (5 g)
EP NPPS NVoy Polymer Pack (1.25g)
EP STP Stabil-P.A.C. (for 12 mg protein)
EP STP-MX Stabil-P.A.C MAXI (for 48 mg protein)