UPX Universal Protein Extraction Kit

  • Extract the entire proteome for Mass Spectrometry analysis
  • Solubilize both membrane proteins and soluble proteins
  • Very high protein yield
  • Compatible with SDS-PAGE, Gelfree Fractionation and FASP Digestion
The UPX Universal Protein Extraction Kit contains a lysis reagent for highly efficient extraction and solubilization of both soluble proteins and membrane proteins. The UPX kit gives you a higher protein yield and gives you the certainty that you are not missing any proteins.

With the UPX Protein Extraction Kit you can start with a wide variety of samples such as heart, liver, brain, or kidney tissue, mammalian cultured cells, or bacteria. You can use freshly harvested or frozen cells.

The lysis buffer in the UPX Protein Extraction Kit is compatible with downstream mass spectrometry sample prep. Solubilized proteins in the resulting lysates can be analyzed by SDS-PAGE and fractionated by the Gelfree 8100 Fractionation System. We recommend Filter-Aided Sample Preparation (FASP) for detergent depletion and complete trypsin digestion of extracts prior to analysis by mass spectrometry.

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EP 44101 UPX Universal Protein Extraction Kit - 50ml