YPX Yeast Protein Extraction Kit

  • Complete, unbiased protein extraction from yeast
  • Any morphology
  • Any growth medium
  • Higher protein yield
The YPX Yeast Protein Extraction Kit offers fast, high-yield, unbiased yeast protein extraction without mechanical disruption.

The simplified protocol works with equivalent high efficiency on all yeasts regardless of morphology or growth medium. Starting yeast culture preparations can be frozen or freshly harvested. The YPX Yeast Protein Extraction Kit delivers far more protein than conventional lysis methods.

A key advantage of the YPX Yeast Protein Extraction Kit is that it extracts all protein sizes with high efficiency, so it covers the entire proteome. This way, the YPX Yeast Protein Extraction Kit avoids the major problem in quantitative proteomics of variable extraction efficiency.

Samples are never subjected to harsh mechanical treatment or to conditions that allow protease activity to chew up your .

The simplified extraction protocol is fast and can be easily carried out on multiple cultured yeast preparations simultaneously.

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Cat no. Description
EP 44102 YPX Universal Protein Exptraction Kit - 50ml