Amintra HIS-Tagged Protein Purification

Amintra His-tag resins are employed for the purification of histidine-tagged recombinant proteins expressed in bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells. A resin for use in columns and a magnetic resin for batch purification are both available.

Amintra Ni-NTA affinity resin is designed for simple, rapid His-tagged recombinant protein purification from a cell lysate under native or denaturing conditions. Amintra Ni-NTA offers excellent flow properties and high protein binding capacity: in excess of 50mg protein/ml.

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Cat no. Description
EP ACO0010 Amintra CoHIS - 10 ml
EP ACO0025 Amintra CoHIS - 25 ml
EP ACO0100 Amintra CoHIS - 100 ml
EP AMN0002 Amintra Ni-Magnetic Resin 50% suspension (2ml)
EP AMN0005 Amintra Ni-Magnetic Resin 50% suspension (5ml)
EP AMN0025 Amintra Ni-Magnetic Resin 50% suspension (25ml)
EP ANN0010 Amintra Ni-NTA - 10 ml
EP ANN0025 Amintra Ni-NTA - 25 ml
EP ANN0100 Amintra Ni-NTA - 100 ml