AminTRAP HIS Prepacked Columns

  • Convenient, ready-to-use columns
  • Compatible with ÄKTA systems
  • Cost-saving
  • 40 mg/ml binding capacity

His-tag purification on automated chromatography systems

AminTRAP HIS Prepacked Columns are ready to use prepacked columns for affinity purification of His-tagged proteins. They are packed with Ni-NTA resin and are available in 1ml and 5ml. AminTRAP HIS Prepacked Columns have a standard interface and can be adapted to chromatography systems such as ÄKTA.

We use the AminTrap nickel columns for purifying 6xHis tagged proteins using an automated purification system. The columns are completely compatible to our system and fit and perform just as well as the more expensive market leading columns we have always used in the past. These columns get the job done at a much cheaper price, and with no decrease in either protein yield or purity.

Andrea Rawlings, University of Sheffield


  • Column size: 0.7 × 2.5 cm (1 ml); 1.6 × 2.5 cm (5 ml)
  • Matrix: Highly cross-linked 4% agarose
  • Binding capacity: >40mg 6xHis-tagged protein/ml medium
  • Maximum pressure: 0.3 Mpa, 3 bar


Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
EP TNN50001 AminTRAP HIS Prepacked Columns 1ml (5 columns)
EP TNN50005 AminTRAP HIS Prepacked Columns 5ml (5 columns)