Amintra MBP Resin

  • Very high protein purity in one step
  • High concentration of eluted protein
  • Mild conditions preserve protein activity
  • High mechanical rigidity

Purify recombinant proteins tagged with maltose binding protein (MBP)

Tagging proteins with MBP often gives increased expression levels and higher solubility of the target protein.Proper folding of the attached protein has also been shown to be promoted by the MBP tag. With the benefit of increased solubility, the tag could be particularly useful for recombinant proteins expressed in an insoluble form (inclusion bodies).

Affinity purification using Amintra MBP resin takes place under physiological conditions and mild elution is performed using maltose. This preserves the activity of the target protein. Even intact protein complexes may be purified. In addition, the high specificity of the binding means that very high purity can be achieved in just one step in combination with high binding capacity.

Amintra MBP resin is a robust, high resolution agarose-based medium. The small and evenly sized agarose beads ensure that MBP-tagged protein elutes in a narrow peak, minimizing the need for further time-consuming concentration steps. Amintra MBP resin tolerates all commonly used aqueous buffers and is easily regenerated using 0.5 M NaOH allowing the same medium to be used for repeated purifications. The medium shows high mechanical rigidity, so can be operated at high flow velocities with moderate pressure drop.


  • Matrix: Highly cross-linked agarose
  • Functional group: Polysaccharide containing maltose
  • Particle size range: 30 - 50 μm
  • Binding capacity: Protein dependent
  • pH stability: 2- 13 (short term) and > 7 (working range)
  • Working temperature +4ºC to +30ºC
  • Chemical compatibility: All commonly used buffers, 6M guanidine-HCI, 8M urea, 0.5 M NaOH (for regeneration and cleaning)
  • Storage: 20% denatured ethanol

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EP AMB0015 Amintra MBP Resin (15 ml)
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