Amintra NHS-Activated Resin

AmintraTM NHS-activated is a highly cross-linked N-hydroxysuccinimide activated matrix. Ligands containing primary amino groups are coupled directly to this active ester to form a chemically stable amide bond.


  • Mean Particle size: 90 μm
  • Particle size range: 45 to 165 μm
  • Bead structure: Highly cross-linked 4% agarose, spherical
  • Linear flow velocity: 150 cm/h at 100 kPa
  • Ligand density: 16 to 23 μmol NHS/ml drained medium
  • Short term (CIP): pH 2 to 13
  • Long term: pH 3 to 13
  • Supplied as: 50% Slurry

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
EP AMS0025 Amintra NHS-Activated Resin 50% suspension (50 ml)
EP AMS0100 Amintra NHS-Activated Resin 50% suspension (200 ml)