Amintra Heparin Resin

Amintra Heparin Resin is an affinity chromatography medium that is used for the purification of biomolecules that show affinity to heparin, such as antithrombin III, coagulation factors and other plasma proteins, DNA binding proteins, lipoproteins, protein synthesis factors, enzymes that act on nucleic acids, and steroid receptors.

The base matrix is made of cross-linked porous agarose. The particles have an open pore structure with good mass transfer properties to large protein molecules. Heparin is immobilized to the base matrix by reducing amination method.


  • Matrix: cross-linked Agarose
  • Functional group: Heparin of porcine origin
  • Ligand density: 4 - 5 mg/ml
  • Particle size range: 50 - 150 μm
  • pH stability: 4-13 (short term) and 4-12 (long term)
  • Working temperature: +4C to +30C
  • Chemical compatibility: commonly used buffers, 6M guanidine-HCl, 8 M urea
  • Storage: 0.05 M sodium acetate in 20% denatured ethanol


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Cat no. Description
EP AHP0005 Amintra Heparin 50% suspension (10ml)
EP AHP0025 Amintra Heparin 50% suspension (50ml)