Strep-Tactin & Strep-Tactin XT coated microplates

IBA’s Strep-Tactin coated microplates (12 x 8-well strips) are ready-to-use for diagnostic and assay applications. Due to the multi-well format the microplate is compatible with standard multichannel pipettes, plate readers and automated plate washers.

The StrepMAB-Immuno coated microplate is designed for high efficient, mild and orientated immobilization of Strep-tag II fusion proteins. Nearly irreversible binding activity of StrepMAB-Immuno monoclonal antibody ensures that Strep-tag II fusion proteins will not elute during the assay.

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Cat no. Description
IB 2-1501-001 Strep-Tactin coated microplate 1 plate
IB 2-4101-001 Strep-Tactin XT coated microplate 1 plate