Strep-Tactin Sepharose Resins

The Strep-tag purification system from IBA is based on the highly selective binding of Strep-Tactin to Strep-tag II fusion proteins. This technology allows one-step purification of almost any recombinant protein under physiological conditions, thus preserving its bioactivity. The Strep-tag system can be used to purify Strep-tag II proteins from any expression system including baculovirus systems, mammalian cells, yeast, and bacteria. A wide range of purification formats is available.

SEPHAROSE is a trademark of GE Healthcare companies.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
IB 2-1201-002 Strep-Tactin Sepharose (50%) 4 ml
IB 2-1201-010 Strep-Tactin Sepharose (50%) 20 ml
IB 2-1201-025 Strep-Tactin Sepharose (50%) 50 ml
IB 2-1201-500 Strep-Tactin Sepharose (50%) 1000 ml