Tris-NTA Amine / Tris-NTA Biotin

  • 3 Ni-NTA groups bind His-tag with 10.000-fold higher affinity
  • Binding is reversible with imidazole or EDTA
  • Allows reversible labeling of proteins or cell surfaces
  • Immobilize proteins, lipids or cells to surfaces
  • Enables wide variety of functional assays

Tris-NTA is a superior His-tag protein ligand for the reversible binding of proteins and cell surfaces. Carrying three NTA groups its binding affinity (avidity) is approximately four orders of magnitude higher than monovalent metal ion chelators.

Multivalent Tris-NTA has 10.000x higher affinity (avidity) for his-tagged proteins Multivalent Tris-NTA has 10.000x higher affinity (avidity) for his-tagged proteins

The binding of His-tags is stoichiometric and single-molecule detection is possible. Binding is reversible: bound His-tags can easily be released with imidazole or EDTA.

Tris-NTA is available with either a free amine group for conjugation to a label of choice or conjugated to biotin for high affinity binding to streptavidin. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including protein detection and labeling, coupling proteins. lipids or cells to surfaces, protein purification and reversible protein modification.

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Cat no. Description
BR BR1001101 Tris-NTA Amine, 1 mg/ml (100 µg)
BR BR1001102 Tris-NTA Amine, 1 mg/ml (1 mg)
BR BR1001201 Tris-NTA Biotin, 1 mg/ml (100 µg)
BR BR1001202 Tris-NTA Biotin, 1 mg/ml (1 mg)