IsoGel Agarose and Precast IsoGel Agarose IEF Plates

  • IsogGel Agarose is a highly purified agarose that is easy to prepare and produces a gel with high clarity and less restrictive matrix than polyacrylamide.
  • IsoGel Agarose IEF Plates are ready-to-use precast gels supported on GelBond PAG Support Film, elim
IsoGel® Agarose is a highly purified agarose specifically manufactured for isoelectric focusing (IEF). It has no measurable EEO due to a manufacturing process which minimizes fixed anions and mobile cations. IsoGel® Agarose IEF Plates are sufficiently rigid to be cast in vertical tubes in addition to vertically molded and horizontally open cast thin gels. Gels cast on GelBond® Film dry down quickly and easily to transparent permanent records.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
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Cat no. Description
LO 50202 IsoGel Agarose 25g
LO 56010 IsoGel Agarose IEF Plate Acces. Bulk Pack 100each
LO 56014 IsoGel Plate Accessories 1each
LO 56015 IsoGel IEF Plates pH 3-10 6pack
LO 56018 IsoGel Agarose IEF Plates 6pack
LO 56024 IsoGel Agarose IEF Plates pH 7-11 6Pack