ProSieve 50 Acrylamide Gel Solution

ProSieve® 50 Gel Solution is a unique, modified acrylamide formulation developed for high-performance protein gel electrophoresis. Compared with protein gels prepared from conventional acrylamide:bis solutions, ProSieve® 50 gels have several distinct advantages, including gradient gel separation performance, resolution of large proteins, faster protein mobility, and shorter staining/destaining times. The matrix is stronger and less likely to tear than conventional polyacrylamide gels (particularly larger gels), and is less likely to crack when dried down for autoradiography or fluorography. When used with silver stain, there is less background, allowing for greater sensitivity. ProSieve® 50 Gel Solution is supplied as a 50% concentrate in water. Complete instructions for use are included

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Cat no. Description
LO 50617 ProSieve 50 Gel Solution 125ml
LO 50618 ProSieve 50 Gel Solution 250ml