SeaPrep Agarose

  • Highly purified agarose free of inhibitory contaminants.
  • Soft gel texture, high clarity, and low gelling temperature make SeaPrep Agarose a suitable suspension medium for cells.
  • Applications:Cell culture, Hybridoma cloning, Encapsulation / embedding of
SeaPrepĀ® Agarose is a specialty "soft agarose" product with ultralow gelling and melting temperature properties that make it valuable for many techniques involving biomolecules. SeaPrepĀ® Agarose is an excellent medium for hybridoma cloning and produces soft, clear gels. SeaPrepĀ® Agarose can be used to expand cDNA plasmid libraries in a strictly representative fashion, decreasing the possibility that less abundant clones vanish during amplification due to differential rates of replication.

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Cat no. Description
LO 50302 SeaPrep Agarose 25g